Cresskill Emergency Management:

Cresskill Emergency Management:
Through the coordination of the Cresskill Office of Emergency Management Borough departments have initiated storm planning. Based on information received as of Monday January 20th, the local emergency planning group would like to relay the following:
1. Storm snow totals are estimated to be between 8-12 inches for our area.
2. High winds will affect visibility with whiteout conditions possible.
3. The storm will be around 18 hours long.
4. The heaviest snowfall of 1” to 2” per hour will occur late this afternoon into tonight.
5. Snow will lessen early Wednesday morning
6. Severe wind chills and extreme low temperatures will follow the storm.
7. As of this time no regional shelters are scheduled to be open. This may change Wednesday morning.
8. Personnel assigned to staff the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) have been placed on standby for possible deployment.
9. All Borough Departments have adequate resources staged and have completed their storm preparations.
10. The Borough would like to remind everyone, Borough Hall is designated as a warming shelter if necessary. Information regarding the use of this facility can be directed to the Cresskill Police Department at 201-568-1400.
Storm Safety Tips And Advisories:
• Driving conditions throughout the night will be extremely hazardous. The Cresskill Police requests residents to remain off the roads during this high hazard period.
 Cars parked in owners driveway partially into the street will be ticketed for impeding plowing operations.
• Do not start or use generators inside any structure.
• If temporary space heater use is needed use only electric type heaters and make sure a 3’ area around the unit is kept clear of combustibles. Turn the units off when leaving the room.
• If heating your home with your fireplace please take precautions to ensure this is done safely and responsibly.
• Please listen to local media outlets for storm updates.


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